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Stoic Equity Partners Launches SEP Industrial Holdings I Fund for Strategic Investment

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Leading commercial real estate investment firm Stoic Equity Partners, headquartered in Daphne, Ala., is pleased to announce the launch of its latest investment fund, SEP Industrial Holdings I. This new fund is dedicated to investing in flex industrial properties across the thriving southeastern region of the United States.

As a prominent player in the real estate investment landscape, Stoic Equity Partners is embarking on a strategic initiative targeting the acquisition of seven to nine flex industrial facilities located in dynamic secondary and tertiary markets. The SEP Industrial Holdings I fund offers a unique investment opportunity for accredited investors, with a fundraising goal of $25 million available in $50,000 share increments. The fund's projected portfolio value is set to reach $70-75 million, with a planned holding period of five years.

Stoic Equity Partners has meticulously formulated its investment strategy through the acquisition and management of the firm’s existing portfolio of flex industrial properties. The strategy focuses on identifying and acquiring office/warehouse facilities built between 1980 and 2000 and aims to unlock value through renovations, adjusting rents to align with market rates, and impro

ving on operational inefficiencies.

Jeremy Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Stoic Equity Partners, explains the fund's financial goals: "SEP Industrial Holdings I will execute a value-add strategy while also providing quarterly cashflow distributions to investors.”

The fund aims to strategically capitalize on current market dynamics that position flex industrial properties as attractive investment options. Key factors contributing to the fund's optimistic outlook include:

  1. Market Undersupply: Limited construction of flex industrial properties over the past 20-30 years within growing markets has resulted in supply-demand imbalances and subsequent rent increases.

  2. Below-Replacement-Cost Acquisitions: Stoic Equity Partners' acquisition approach centers on purchasing assets significantly below current construction costs, establishing a competitive edge and positively impacting existing properties amidst potential new supply concerns.

  3. Insulation from "Work from Home" Trend: Unlike traditional office spaces, flex industrial properties remain re

silient against remote work trends, providing stability as businesses requiring warehouse spaces are less affected by shifts in remote work dynamics.

For those who would like to learn more, Stoic invites you to complete a brief questionnaire. Upon completion, a comprehensive video explanation of the offering will be provided. Link to form.

For more information about Stoic Equity Partners and its innovative approach to real estate investment, please visit its official website:

About Stoic Equity Partners

Stoic Equity Partners is a Daphne, Ala.-based commercial real es

tate investment firm committed to pursuing value-add and opportunistic commercial real estate acquisitions and developments throughout the Southeast. Co-founders Jeremy Friedman and Grant Reaves, both seasoned commercial real estate brokers, united their expertise to establish Stoic Equity Partners. Following their experience in investment real estate through brokerage, the founders transitioned to managing commercial real estate investments as sponsors and managers.

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